Mental Skills Training

Systematically train your mind. From awareness and mindset to mental toughness, the strength of your mental game is a key factor for consistent performance.

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What is Mental Skills Training?

Mental skills training is the practice of acquiring and implementing mental skills for the purpose of increasing performance.  Performance increases can be seen in a variety of domains including sport, within an organizational setting, and within individuals’ personal lives.  Mental skills training, or sport and performance psychology, as it is also known, originates from a variety of sources including psychology, behavior modification, goal setting and attentional control.

The practice of mental skills training can be beneficial to any individual, team, or organization that is looking to improve their current level of performance.  Strong mental skills can help an athlete, for example, to perform more consistently and not succumb to the stress that sport inevitably provides, increase their confidence and feel more in control.  Mental skills training is not therapy and if clinical issues arise while working together such as high anxiety or substance abuse, for example, we will make a referral to a qualified professional who specializes in that area.

The building blocks of peak performance are our interpretation of the mental skills necessary to achieve optimal performance.  The foundational skills of mindset, self-awareness, goal setting, motivation, and communication are the basis upon which more advanced skills are built.  For any individual or organization that we work with, we will do an initial assessment to understand where we are and what is the ultimate goal of working together.  From there, an individualized plan will be created to accomplish that goal.


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