"If we did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves."

                                      Thomas Edison

Cari DeCandia, Ed.D., CMPC

Dr. Cari DeCandia is a high-performance and leadership consultant and coach with a passion for working with elite performers, both in sport and business. Her work revolves around harnessing the power of individual and group flow, fostering high-performance cultures, and catalyzing growth both at the individual and team levels.

With a master's and doctorate in sport and performance psychology and a concentration in positive leadership, she has dedicated her career to understanding the human aspects of high achievement.  Cari’s unique blend of coaching expertise, a deep understanding of the neuroscience of flow, and the psychology of high performance have enabled her to become a trusted advisor to top executives, elite athletes, coaches, and high-performing teams.  

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Richie Kroboth, Ed.D., LPC

With a 25+ year career in human development and high performance combined with a master's in counseling and a doctorate in sport and performance psychology, Richie has a deep understanding of the mental demands within elite athletics.

With a passion for helping his clients to maintain the love they first experienced for their sport while reaching for new levels of athletic success, he integrates his advanced training and experiences in sport science, organizational behavior, and sport & performance psychology.

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