I'm Cari DeCandia

Are you ready to take your performance to the next level? Then you're in the right place.


I'm Cari DeCandia

Are you ready to take your performance to the next level? Then you're in the right place.

I would love to share a bit about myself, my passions, and what I believe.

Like I mentioned, I'm Cari. I am a mom, an entrepreneur, lover of the outdoors, adventure, and helping individuals and teams to reach new levels of success, however they define it.

I believe that everyone was put on this earth with a purpose.  It is when this purpose is aligned with one’s strengths and individual passions that great results can occur.  For me, I believe my purpose is to help others become the best versions of themselves.

After graduating college, I spent 17 years in the corporate world chasing success, which at that time, I defined by my income. This is where I was first introduced to personal development and became an avid reader, studying the habits and skills used by the top 1%. I read all the books. I attended all the seminars. And I experienced a lot of success, by most people's standards.

But at the end of the day, I didn't feel fulfilled. I felt like there was more to life.

And that is where my journey began...

After some soul searching and A LOT of reflection, I made the decision to go back to graduate school and pursue my passion for high performance and helping others.Ā 

Five years of focused study later, I earned both my masters and doctorate in sport & performance psychology. I am also a certified mental performance consultant (CMPC).

Now, I wake up every day excited to work with motivated individuals like yourself. Being a collegiate and lifelong athlete, but also spending 17 years in the corporate world, I loveĀ helping both individuals and teams in sport and business who areĀ committed to improving and realizing their potential.

Here are some of the things I'm working on...

Performance Consulting & Coaching

I provideĀ bespoke consulting and coaching with individuals and teams, both in sport and business.Ā  The areas of performance I specialize in include high-performance team cultures, individual and group flow, and leadership development.

Senior Performance Coach & Trainer

With the Flow Research Collective, I have the pleasure of providing neuroscience-based coaching and training to individuals (C-suite, entrepreneurs, and individual contributors) in areas such as: individual and group flow, leadership, and productivity.

Adjunct Instructor & Research

At the University of Western States, I work with graduate students pursuing master's and doctoral degrees in sport & performance psychology. I lead courses on high performance cultures, applied performance psychology and provide CMPC mentorship to students seeking certification. My research partner and I are also examining the role that psychological safety plays on team performance.

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